Precision Rubber Moulding

Providing all your molded rubber products; rubber grommets, rubber bumpers, rubber gasket, rubber stoppers, and o-rings.

Precision Die Cutting

Supply your own material for die-cutting or choose from our wide range of material. Some of the more commonly used material are EVA Foam, Rubber Foam, Fabric, Cork, Rubber sheets, open cell foams, closed cell foams, etc.

Customised Foam Products

Have a unique project in mind with a special vision for how it should look and feel? Great, because we feature custom material recommendation and solution to meet your requirements.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Moulded products and specialised moulded articles to fit your requirements, whether it’s a small production run of plastic parts, or high volume multi-cavity production injection moulds.

Laser Marking

Our Laser Marking service creates permanent high contrast markings without adding any undesirable substance for virtually all metals and plastics materials.

Contract Assembly

We are a full service partner that offers automated & manual assembly, laser marking service, solvent bonding, insert placement, product testing and packaging.